Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are an essential component of most modern electronic devices. Choosing the right PCB manufacturer is crucial to get high-quality boards delivered on time and within budget. This guide will help you find the best PCB company near you by outlining what to look for and providing a list of top manufacturers in major US cities.

What Makes a Good PCB Company?

When evaluating potential PCB manufacturers, keep the following criteria in mind:

Quality and Consistency

The company should have a reputation for delivering high-quality boards with minimal defects. They should inspect boards at multiple stages and perform testing to ensure consistent quality.

Range of Capabilities

A good PCB company will offer a wide range of services including:

  • Layer counts from 1 to 32+
  • Flex, rigid-flex, and HDI PCBs
  • Various finishes and coatings like ENIG, Immersion Silver, OSP, etc.
  • Assembly and other value-added services

They should be able to manufacture simple to complex board designs.


Reputable PCB companies will have certifications like ISO 9001 to demonstrate compliance with quality management standards. Industry-specific certifications like UL and IPC affirm their capabilities.

Reliability and Communication

The company should deliver on time consistently and keep you updated during the manufacturing process. They should be responsive if any issue comes up.

Cost Effectiveness

A good PCB company will offer competitive pricing without compromising quality. They should have options to meet different budgets and order quantities.

Customer Service

The company should assign you an account manager for support during the design, ordering, and production process. They should be willing to answer your queries patiently.

Top PCB Manufacturers by Major US City

Here are some of the top rated PCB manufacturers with facilities near major US cities:

New York City, NY

  • Channel Devices – Provides quickturn prototyping and medium-high volume production.
  • Lenthor Engineering – Specializes in flexible PCB manufacturing.
  • Ohm Printed Circuits – Provides PCB assembly and other value-added services.
  • OptiPro Systems – Known for high-mix, low-volume complex PCBs.

Chicago, IL

  • Innovative Circuits – Provides PCB layout services besides manufacturing.
  • Rockford Circuits – Specializes in quickturn PCB prototypes.
  • APCT – Known for aerospace and defense PCB manufacturing.
  • Salem Electronics – Provides design for manufacturing (DFM) analysis.

Houston, TX

  • Trilogy Circuits – Specializes in rigid, flex, and rigid-flex PCBs.
  • Multi-Tek – Provides quickturn prototypes and low-volume production.
  • Texas Circuits – Known for radio frequency (RF) and microwave PCBs.
  • JHY PCB – Provides PCB assembly and box build services.

Los Angeles, CA

  • Advanced Circuits – Specializes in quickturn prototypes and small batch PCBs.
  • EZPCB – Provides onshore and offshore PCB manufacturing services.
  • Orange Circuits – Known for polyimide flex circuit boards.
  • Steam Circuits – Specializes in rigid-flex PCB manufacturing.

San Jose, CA

  • Sierra Circuits – Provides PCB fabrication and assembly.
  • Calumet Electronics – Specializes in quickturn prototypes.
  • Bittele Electronics – Known for aerospace, medical, and telecom PCBs.
  • 1ClickBOM – Provides PCB assembly and supply chain management.

Boston, MA

  • Bay Area Circuits – Specializes in quickturn PCB prototypes.
  • Candida Circuits – Provides small to medium volume PCB production.
  • EPCMatt – Known for their engineering partnership and DFM analysis.
  • Freedom CAD Services – Offers PCB design and layout services.

Seattle, WA

  • Candor Industries – Specializes in multi-layer PCBs.
  • Screaming Circuits – Known for fast PCB prototypes.
  • Summit Circuits – Specializes in small run PCB orders.
  • OSH Park – Offers small batch PCB production.

Miami, FL

  • Ohmega Technologies – Specializes in high frequency PCBs.
  • Epec Engineered Technologies – Provides fabrication and SMT assembly.
  • Imagineering – Known for prototype to medium volume boards.
  • Eagle Circuits – Specializes in quickturn PCBs.

How to Choose the Best PCB Company

Follow these tips when evaluating PCB manufacturers to find the best match:

  • Clearly define your requirements – layer count, quality, lead time, order volume etc.
  • Check their capabilities match your product needs.
  • Ask for and check references from past customers.
  • Review third party evaluations on platforms like PCB Directory.
  • Get quotes from multiple companies and compare pricing.
  • Evaluate their quality certifications and compliance.
  • Assess their customer support responsiveness.
  • Check for local facilities to minimize shipping time and costs.
  • Opt for manufacturers that offer assembly and other services if required.

Prioritize factors like quality, reliability, and communication that impact the success of your project. Avoid choosing based on price alone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the typical lead times for PCB production?

Lead times range from 24 hours for quickturn prototypes to around 4 weeks for standard production. For complex boards requiring rigorous testing, lead times could be 6-8 weeks or more. Discuss your target delivery date with manufacturers during quoting.

Q. Should I choose an overseas or domestic PCB company?

Overseas manufacturers offer lower costs but usually have higher minimums and longer lead times. Domestic companies provide faster delivery and better communication but charge more. Choose based on your budget, order volume and project timeline.

Q. What design files do I need to provide the PCB manufacturer?

You’ll need to provide Gerber files, drill files, assembly drawings, Bill of Materials, assembly notes etc. Most manufacturers provide a design checklist. Ensure you provide all specified files.

Q. Can PCB companies assemble components on my boards?

Many PCB companies offer assembly services where they can solder components on your manufactured boards. Some also offer full turnkey services like procuring components, programming, testing etc.

Q. How can I estimate the cost for my PCB order?

PCB cost depends on size, layer count, order volume, lead time and other factors. Many companies offer instant online quoting tools to estimate price. You can also request formal quotes by emailing your requirements.


Choosing the right PCB company is key to getting well-made boards delivered on time for your requirements and budget. Use the guidance provided in this article to evaluate manufacturers thoroughly before selecting one. Check for customer reviews, quality certifications, and local facilities near you. Partner with a reliable company for hassle-free PCB procurement.

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